Bring an artist into your school

south asian artsWould you like to bring a touring workshop or performance into your school? Make it easy on yourself and book it with ArtStarts. We provide a convenient, cost-effective service to help bring some of the best performing artists in BC to your students. Our booking coordinator can advise you on artist availability, programming, touring, schedules and fees.

How it works
Selecting and booking artists
Ensuring the visit runs smoothly
Contact our Booking Coordinator

How it works

1. Select a presentation
Browse our Artists on Tour Directory, which features over 100 artist presentations representing a diverse cross-section of performing arts disciplines and cultures.

2. Contact ArtStarts
Once you’ve made your selection, contact our booking coordinator or fax us a Booking Request Form. We’ll contact the artists you have selected, schedule their touring dates and times, negotiate fees and confirm their availability.

3. Confirm the events
ArtStarts will contact you by fax or email with a list of the artists and their fees, as well as the dates and times they are scheduled to come to your school. If the dates or times do not meet with your approval, we take care of rescheduling the event with the artist.

4. Letter of Agreement
Within a few weeks of confirming the schedule, we send you a Letter of Agreement listing all fees and taxes, to be signed and return to us.

5. Invoices
You can expect to receive your invoice the month prior to your event. As of 2010-11, ArtStarts’  booking service fee is included in all listed Artist Fees.

6. Monthly reminders

Each month, ArtStarts sends out email reminders to all schools and districts listing scheduled events for the following month.

Selecting and booking artists

...for a district

School districts select artists in a variety of ways. Using the Artists on Tour Directory as a guide, some select a handful of artists and book them into all of their schools, while others shortlist and send a recommended list to every principal in the district. For districts using a shortlist, ArtStarts can create mini-directories complete with photos, artist descriptions and fee information to send to each school.

...for an individual school

Some districts leave all selection, confirmation and contracting to individual schools. If you are in charge of your school’s bookings, simply use the Artist Directory to make your selections, contact ArtStarts, and we’ll take care of the details. For information on artists touring in your region, or help selecting the right artist for your school, contact our booking coordinator!

Ensuring the visit runs smoothly

ArtStarts provides every artist or group with detailed itineraries of dates, times, venues, addresses, phone numbers and contact names for each school on their tour. Artists are advised to send their study guides to the school at least two weeks before their show, and to contact each school at least one week before their visit to re-confirm dates, arrival times and technical needs.

Three ways to make the most of your artist visit:

  • Use the study guide and any other resource materials provided by the artist before their visit. This will help familiarize your students with the artist’s work and what to expect during their visit.
  • Advise any staff involved with the artist’s technical needs to prepare for the artist’s arrival.
  • Let the artist or group know about school-related details such as parking availability, sign-in procedures, lunch facilities, and staff-room location.

Contact our Booking Coordinator

For booking information, contact Tara Bailey at
Or call her at 604.878.7144, or 1.888.878.7144 (toll free).

Send us your feedback!

  • How did the performance go?
  • Did you have experiences with artists in your school that you’d like to share with others?
  • Are there tips you can pass along to make the experience better all-around?
  • Were there glitches?

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