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Region: Fraser Valley / Lower Mainland

Chilliwack (SD33)

Chilliwack School District is located at the eastern end of the Fraser Valley, 100 kilometers east of the City of Vancouver. The District of Chilliwack includes the rural areas of Yarrow, Cultus Lake, Sardis, Vedder, Rosedale, and Greendale. With 28 public schools, the student population is more than 11,000 students. There are also 9 independent schools.

Booking process: A committee regularly attends the ArtStarts Showcase and works with the arts contact to select one artist or group to present in all 20 elementary schools in the District. Three other artists are selected by principals, teachers and parents for up to six additional performances in their middle and secondary schools.

Chilliwack School District Office, 8430 Cessna Drive, Chilliwack, V2P 7K4
telephone: 6048247481 | fax: 6048247328 | website:

Abbotsford (SD34)

Located in the Fraser Valley between Vancouver and Hope in southwestern BC, Abbotsford has become known as Vancouver East. Like Vancouver, the city has sprawled outwards and merged with the surrounding cities. Chilliwack borders to the east, and to the west, Abbotsford merges with Aldergrove and Langley. School District 34 currently serves 45 public schools with just over 18,900 students. In addition, there are 8 independent schools in the district.

Booking process: A committee from SD 34 usually attends the ArtStarts Showcase and creates a shortlist of approximately 30 artists and groups for their District mini-directory which they send to each of their schools. Annually the District books between 80 and 90 events each year which are chosen by the principals, teachers and parents from the District directory.

Abbotsford School District Office, 2790 Tims Street, Abbotsford, V2T 4M7
telephone: 6048594891 | fax: 6048594903 | website:

Langley (SD35)

Langley School District provides services to the City of Langley and the Township of Langley. The district extends from the US border, north to the Fraser River and is bordered by the communities of Surrey to the west and Abbotsford to the east. The district is located approximately 45 kilometres southeast of Vancouver. SD 35 Langley is home to 39 public schools with just over 18,900 students. In addition to the public schools there are 10 independent schools.

Booking process: SD 35 uses ArtStarts' Artist Directory as their booking tool and creates a district directory featruing between 25 and 30 artists and groups. After review, the teachers, principals and parents choose from the district shortlist and send in their booking requests. Overall bookings in the District total between 60 and 80 each year.

Langley School District Office, 4875 222nd Street, Langley, V3A 3Z7
telephone: 6045347891 | fax: 6045302906 | website:

Surrey (SD36)

Surrey, one of the largest municipalities in Canada, is located approximately 32 kilometers southeast of Vancouver. The district serves the City of Surrey, the City of White Rock and the rural area of Barnston Island. The student population of SD 36 Surrey is a rich mosaic of cultures. Approximately one in four students attending school in the district is from a household in which English is not the first language. Of the many languages represented in Surrey schools, the highest percentages are Punjabi, Chinese, Hindi, Tagalog (Filipino), Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese, Korean, and French. SD 36 has 119 public schools with a student population over 64,000 students, this does not include the 24 independent schools in the district.

Booking process: BC largest School District also books the largest number of artists and groups to perform in their schools each year. With annual bookings of almost 250 events, Surrey schools use a District mini-directory to select the artists. Surrey's arts contact includes in their directory over 90 artists and groups each year. The mini-directory is sent to the schools, where the principals, teachers and parents make their selections.

Surrey School District Office, 14225 56th Ave, Surrey, V3X 3A3
telephone: 6045967733 | fax: 6045964197 | website:

Delta (SD37)

Booking process: The Arts Contact for the district usually attends the ArtStarts Showcase and creates a directory for their District containing over 90 artists and groups. This mini-directory, along with recommendations from the arts contact, circulates to the individual schools where principals, teachers and parents select over 70 events each year from 35-45 artists and groups available to tour in their schools.

Delta School District Office, 4585 Harvest Dr, Delta, V4K 5B4
telephone: 6049464101 | fax: 6049403873 | website:

Richmond (SD38)

School District 38 is located in Richmond, which is in close proximity to the Vancouver International Airport. Richmond includes the village of Steveston, long associated with the fishing and canning industry and known for its Japanese heritage. The district has a student population of more than 22,200 students enrolled in 48 schools. In addition there are 9 independent schools in the district.

Booking process: The District does not attend Pacific Contact or ArtStarts Showcase and schools in the Richmond District book most of their events either directly with either the artists or agents. Approximately 60 events are booked each year which feature 15 or more different artists.

Richmond School District Office, 7811 Granville Ave, Richmond, V6Y 3E3
telephone: 6046686088 | fax: 6046686006 | website:

Vancouver (SD39)

More than 53,000 students attend 109 public schools in Vancouver, the second largest district in BC. The schools cover a wide range of educational programs, expanding beyond distinctions between elementary and secondary levels to include French and Mandarin Immersion, First Nations language programs, Inner City and community schools. In addition, there are 56 independent schools. Vancouver has a very diverse population and the cultural activities to match. The Vancouver School District takes full advantage of its geographic proximity to many of BC's artists. The district uses its Artists in Education funding for their Artist in Residence program with individual schools funding their performance series.

Booking process: After a committee attends the ArtStarts Showcase, a shortlist of recommended performing arts groups is created by the Arts Contact. Though Vancouver is a decentralized district, a "mini-directory" is created and this information is circulated to the individual schools. The Vancouver School Board's Artist in Residence program is coordinated by the Arts Contacts.

Vancouver School District Office, 1580 West Broadway, Vancouver, V6J 5K8
telephone: 6047135000 | fax: 6047135244 | website:

New Westminster (SD40)

New Westminster is located in the centre of the Lower Mainland along the north banks of the Fraser River. The District has three independent schools and 12 public schools with a population just over 6,000 students. Within the district's public schools, three offer French Immersion.

Booking process: New Westminster schools book performances and arts events either through ArtStarts or directly with the artists and agents. The District usually books up to 12 events each year from six or more artists.

New Westminster School District Office, 1001 Columbia St, New Westminster, V3M 2C4
telephone: 6045176030 | fax: 6045176031 | website:

Burnaby (SD41)

The Burnaby School District provides public education for the third-largest city in British Columbia. Burnaby has 48 public schools with more than 24,000 students. There are also 13 independent schools within the district. Just east of Vancouver, the City of Burnaby also claims one of Canada's most highly regarded post-secondary institutions, Simon Fraser University.

Booking process: SD 41 divides their arts program into three components: The Young People's Concert Series, artists in schools and the visual arts residencies. After a committee attends the ArtStarts Showcase in April, the District selects four groups for the Concert Series at the Michael J Fox Theatre and creates a mini directory of approximately 40 artists and groups for the artists in schools portion of their programming. This information circulates to the individual schools where the teachers, principals and parents make their selections. Over 200 performances, workshops and residencies take place in the District each year.

Burnaby School District Office, 5325 Kincaid St, Burnaby, V5G 1W2
telephone: 6046648441 | fax: 6046648382 | website:

Maple Ridge (SD42)

Located 45 kilometres from Vancouver on the north shore of the Fraser River, Maple Ridge, which includes Pitt Meadows, offers residents a mix of urban and rural lifestyles. Its small town atmosphere is balanced by its proximity to Vancouver. More than 14,000 students attend 28 public schools in the district along with 6 independent schools.

Booking process: Using the ArtStarts' Directory, the district creates a mini-directory that is circulated to each school. The schools rank their selections and once all requests are received, the booking are arranged by the arts contact in the District. Schools in the District book between 25 and 30 events each year from a diverse range of 10- 12 BC artists and groups.

Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School District Office, 22225 Brown Ave, Maple Ridge, V2X 8N6
telephone: 6044666219 | fax: 6044630573 | website:

Coquitlam (SD43)

Centered in the heart of the Lower Mainland, Coquitlam is just a 30-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. Serving the communities of Anmore, Belcarra, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody, SD 43 has a student population of over 30,700 in 66 public schools. In addition to public schools, which offer a range of French Immersion programs, there are 10 independent schools in the district.

Booking process: A committee from the district attends the ArtStarts Showcase and creates a shortlist of approximately 60 artists and groups, including recommendations, which are circulated to the individual schools Teachers, principals and parents use the directory along with material received directly from the artists and agents to select artists for their schools. Each year, between 150 and 170 performances and workshops take place in the District's schools.

Coquitlam School District Office, 550 Poirier St, Coquitlam, V3J 6A7
telephone: 6049376381 | fax: 6049366129 | website:

North Vancouver (SD44)

Booking process: Each year the Arts Contact for the Artists for Kids Gallery receives material directly from the artists and makes this information available to the individual schools as well as provides schools with a "mini-directory" based on the ArtStarts Artist Directory. Representatives from individual schools attend the ArtStarts Showcase and many school selects artists independently.

North Vancouver School District Office, 721 Chesterfield Ave, North Vancouver, V7M 2M5
telephone: 6049033444 | fax: 6049033445 | website:

West Vancouver (SD45)

West Vancouver stretches along Highway 99 from the Lions Gate Bridge to Lions Bay and includes the offshore community of Bowen Island, accessible by a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay. There are 17 public schools, with one located on Bowen Island. Three schools offer French Immersion and there are five independent schools in the area. The public school student population is over 6,800.

Booking process: Representatives from schools in the District attend the ArtStarts Showcase and a "mini-directory" of shortlisted artists is created. After review, the principals, teachers and parents select 10-15 artists to present up to 20 events for the coming year and book them either through ArtStarts or directly through the artists or agents.

West Vancouver School District Office, 1075 21st St, West Vancouver, V7V 4A9
telephone: 6049811000 | fax: 6049811001 | website:

Sea to Sky (SD48)

SD 48 Sea to Sky includes the resort community of Whistler and the villages of Pemberton and Squamish along Highway 99. There are 14 public schools comprising a student population of just under 4,200. The region is also home to two Band-operated schools, both in Mount Currie.

Booking process: After attending the ArtStarts Showcase, the arts contact for the district creates a shortlist of approximately 20 groups. Their mini-directory circulate to the individual schools where the principals, teachers and parents make their selections. As a District, they usually bring in more than a dozen touring artists and groups to present between 25 and 30 events each year

Sea to Sky School District Office, PO Box 250, Squamish, V0N 3G0
telephone: 6048925228 | fax: 6048921038 | website:

Mission (SD75)

Serving the Fraser Valley communities of Mission, Dewdney, Durieu and Deroche, SD 75 Mission has 16 public schools, three of which offer French immersion programs. The public school student population is over 6,100 with two independent schools in the district.

Booking process: A committee for the district attends the ArtStarts Showcase and a "mini-directory" of the shortlisted artists and groups is created and circulated to the individual schools. Principals, teachers and PACs select from the shortlist and send in their booking requests. Each year the District brings 7 - 10 artists and groups to present between 15 -25 events in their schools.

Mission School District Office, 33046 Fourth Ave, Mission, V2V 1S5
telephone: 6048266286 | fax: 6048264517 | website: