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Region: Interior

Vernon (SD22)

Located in the Okanagan Valley of south central British Columbia, School District 22 serves the communities of Vernon, Coldstream, Lavington, Whitevale, Lumby, and Cherryville. The district provides educational services to over 8,600 students in 19 public schools. In addition there are 3 independent schools in the area.

Booking process: A representative from the district frequently attends the ArtStarts Showcase and creates a mini-directory of approximately 15 shortlisted artists and groups which they circulate to each of their schools. After review, the principals, teachers and parent groups make their selection from the Directory and forward their booking request.

Vernon School District Office, 1401 Fifteenth St, Vernon, V1T 8S8
telephone: 2505423331 | fax: 2505499200 | website:

Central Okanagan (SD23)

Central Okanagan School District 23 includes the communities located around the north end of Okanagan Lake including Kelowna, Westbank, Winfield, Peachland and Oyama. Over 21,000 students attend 40 public school in the district and there are also 13 independent schools in the region. Kelowna has the majority of schools and is the largest centre in the District.

Booking process: With two selection committees - one for secondary and one for elementary - representatives from SD 23 review all artists' material received in the District as well as attend both Pacific Contact and the ArtStarts Showcase. Each year the committees select approximately seven to eight artists and groups to present a total of almost 250 performances. Most touring groups are booked into either the primary or the secondary schools. The district handles the majority of the negotiations directly with the artists.

Central Okanagan School District Office, 1940 Underhill St, Kelowna, V1X 5X7
telephone: 2504703227 | fax: 2508705027 | website:

Cariboo-Chilcotin (SD27)

Cariboo-Chilcotin is centrally located in the province, with Williams Lake at its centre. From Dog Lake to Horsefly, the district has 28 public and 8 independent schools, all of which are First Nations. The student population within the public schools is just over 5,400 students.

Booking process: After attending the Showcase the arts contact uses the ArtStarts Directory to create a shortlist of approximately 8-10 artists and groups. After review, the principals, teachers and parent groups at each school make their selection from the Directory and forward their booking request.

Cariboo-Chilcotin School District Office, 350 Second Ave N, Williams Lake, V2G 1Z9
telephone: 2503983800 | fax: 2503923600 | website:

Quesnel (SD28)

Quesnel, surrounded by the Fraser and Quesnel Rivers, is located between Williams Lake and Prince George on Highway 97. This is a community made up of 16 public schools with over 3,600 students and 2 independent schools. There is one school in Wells with all other public schools located in Quesnel. The vibrant community of Wells, 85 km east of Quesnel on Highway 26 is home to the Island Mountain School of the Arts that offers art courses for students of all ages.

Booking process: The Arts Contact uses marketing material received directly from artists and agents as well as the ArtStarts' Artist Directory (and/or attends booking conferences every few years) to guide the selection process. The district usually books two artists or groups for 10 performances in both the elementary and secondary schools.

Quesnel School District Office, 401 North Star Road, Quesnel, V2J 5K2
telephone: 2509928802 | fax: 2509927652 | website:

Boundary (SD51)

The Boundary School District serves the communities of Christina Lake, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Rock Creek, Beaverdell, Big White and the surrounding rural areas. Boundary has 10 public schools with a student population of over 1,400, all situated in towns close to the US border on Highway 3 in the middle of the province. Many residents of Grand Forks, the district's largest centre, can trace their ancestry to the Doukhobors, and Russian is taught in schools.

Booking process: The District frequently send a representative to ArtStarts Showcase and selects and books the arts groups either with ArtStarts or directly with the artists or agents. Artists selected can expect to be booked for 3 or 4 performances.

Boundary School District Office, PO Box 640, Grand Forks, V0H 1H0
telephone: 2504428285 | fax: 2504422085 | website:

Okanagan Similkameen (SD53)

Okanagan-Similkameen is located in the sagebrush, desert-like area of south-central BC. Nine public schools with a student population of over 2,400 and three small independent schools are spread among the closely situated communities of Osoyoos, Oliver, and Keremeos. There are two Band operated school in the district one in Keremeos and the other in Oliver.

Booking process: The District arts contact uses both the ArtStarts Directory and Showcase to select the artists coming into the District. They usually select between 3 and 5 artists each year to present a total of 14 performances in the District.

Okanagan Similkameen School District Office, PO Box 5000, Oliver, V0H 1T0
telephone: 2504983481 | fax: 2504984070 | website:

Nicola-Similkameen (SD58)

Nicola-Similkameen divides most of its 10 public schools and over 2,200 students between the towns of Princeton and Merritt, 120 km apart on Highway 5A. There are three independent schools in Merritt, all of which are First Nations.

Booking process: Representatives from the district frequently attend the ArtStarts Showcase and using the Directory make a selection for a District shortlist which they send to all their schools. Principals, teachers and parents make their selection from the 10 - 15 artists and groups in the mini-directory and together bring an average of 20 or more performances into the District each year

Nicola-Similkameen School District Office, PO Box 4100, Merritt, V1K 1B8
telephone: 2503785161 | fax: 2503786263 | website:

Okanagan Skaha (SD67)

Of the 18 schools in School District 67, the majority are located in Penticton, with some schools in Summerland, Naramata and Kaleden. Overall, more than 6,400 students attend schools throughout the district. In addition, there are 5 independent schools, the majority of which are located in Penticton. A stunning sight in spring when the surrounding fruit orchards burst into bloom, Penticton is home to two cultural institutions of note: the Okanagan Summer School of the Arts, and the En'owkin Centre for aboriginal students and artists. Naramata also supports an active arts community.

Booking process: Using ArtStarts' Directory along with a range of material received directly from artists, the arts contact consults with local teachers and the neighbouring districts before selecting arts groups to tour to their schools. In the coming year the District has selected one arts group to perform in all the elementary schools.

Okanagan Skaha School District Office, 425 Jermyn Ave, Penticton, V2A 1Z4
telephone: 2507707700 | fax: 2507707722 | website:

Kamloops/Thompson (SD73)

With over 14,300 students attending 46 public schools, five with French Immersion programs, SD 73 Kamloops is the largest district in BC's Southern Interior and one of the most active artistically. Local arts groups include the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, Western Canada Theatre and the Kamloops Art Gallery. The smaller communities of the North Thompson region stretch some 240 km north along Highway 5. In addition, schools in Logan Lake (64 km west) and Chase (84 km east) are a part of SD 73. Kamloops also has 5 independent schools.

Booking process: A committee attends the ArtStarts Showcase to select four artists and groups for the Young People's Concert Series held at a local theatre. The District's arts contact also creates two shortlists for the elementary and secondary schools and circulates them to their schools where the principal, teachers and PAC make their selections and book either through ArtStarts or through the artists or agents.

Kamloops-Thompson School District Office, 1383 Ninth Ave, Kamloops, V2C 3X7
telephone: 2503740679 | fax: 2503721183 | website:

Gold Trail (SD74)

Located in the beautiful south central region of British Columbia, the Gold Trail School District is geographically large and serves the learning needs of more than 1,400 students. Fifty four percent of the district's students are of Aboriginal ancestry belonging to three First Nations and 19 Bands within those Nations, plus the Metis Nation. Thirteen public schools serve the communities of Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Clinton, Lillooet and Lytton. In addition there are two independent schools in the district.

Booking process: Using the ArtStarts Directory and Showcase, the arts contact selects three artists or groups each year to present performances and workshops in their elementary, middle and secondary schools. The Districts hosts on average 20 events each year.

Gold Trail School District Office, PO Bag 250, Ashcroft, V0K 1A0
telephone: 2504539101 | fax: 2504532425 | website:

Fraser-Cascade (SD78)

SD 78 Fraser-Cascade has a population of more than 1,900 students in five communities, including Hope, Harrison Hot Springs, Agassiz, Boston Bar and Yale. The district has 8 public schools and 2 independent schools. Harrison Hot Springs is the site of the annual summertime Harrison Festival of the Arts.

Booking process: The arts contact for the District uses the ArtStarts Directory and Showcase to select 3 to 5 artists each year for performances and workshops in the District schools. Artists are usually booked to present in 5 to 7 schools each.

Fraser - Cascade School District Office, 650 Kawkawa Lake Rd, Hope, V0X 1L4
telephone: 6048692411 | fax: 6048697400 | website:

North Okanagan-Shuswap (SD83)

Over 6,750 students attend 24 public schools in SD 83 North Okanagan-Shuswap, with six schools offering French Immersion programs. The schools are spread throughout a number of small towns on the Trans Canada Highway along Shuswap Lake and south on Highway 97 as far as Armstrong. The majority of schools are located in Salmon Arm, the largest community in the Shuswap area. Additionally, there are 3 independent schools in Salmon Arm and Armstrong. The Shuswap region supports a variety of arts and cultural activities, among them the annual Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival as well as Caravan Theatre's outdoor performances.

Booking process: The Arts committee for the District uses the ArtStarts Directory and Showcase, along with material received directly from the artists, to select artists and groups for their schools. The arts contact block books 4 - 6 artists each year to present 15-20 performances in the district's schools.

North Okanagan-Shuswap School District Office, Box 129, Salmon Arm, V1E 4N2
telephone: 2508322157 | fax: 2508329428 | website: