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Region: Kootenays

Southeast Kootenay (SD05)

Southeast Kootenay School District 5 is located in the southeastern corner of British Columbia. The majority of people live in the communities of Cranbrook, South Country (Baynes Lake, Grasmere, Elko, Galloway and Jaffray), Fernie, Sparwood and Elkford. The school district has 18 public schools with a student population of over 5,400, in addition to the four independent schools of which one is band operated.

Booking process: The arts contact for the District selects two to three artists and groups each year to present shows in each of the district schools. Hosting between 25 to 30 events each year, the Districts provides the selected artists with approximately one week of bookings in the area.

Southeast Kootenay School District Office, 940 Industrial Rd #1, Cranbrook, V1C 4C6
telephone: 2504264201 | fax: 2504895460 | website:

Rocky Mountain (SD06)

Rocky Mountain School District 6 is located in the beautiful Columbia Valley nestled between the Rocky and Purcell Mountains. SD 06 is comprised of three zones: Golden, Invermere, and Kimberley with 15 public schools and approximately 3,200 students. There is 1 independent school located in Kimberley.

Booking process: The arts contact for the District frequently attends the ArtStarts Showcase and consults artists' material as well as the ArtStarts Directory to select three artists each year. Usually one artist or group will tour the middle and secondary schools while the others will be selected for the primary and intermediate grades in the district. Hosting between 20 to 30 events each year, they work with neighbouring districts to encourage tours throughout the region.

Rocky Mountain School District Office, PO Box 430, Invermere, V0A 1K0
telephone: 2503429243 | fax: 2503426966 | website:

Kootenay Lake (SD08)

School District 8 Kootenay Lake encompasses Nelson, Creston and Kaslo. The region has a long-standing artistic community with a critical mass of diverse artists. The district surface area is approximately 15,000 square kilometers with 21 public schools and a population of over 4,700 students. There are seven independent schools in the district, one of which is a First Nations school.

Booking process: Most years, the District sends a representative to the ArtStarts Showcase who selects three to four artists and groups from the Directory to present in their schools. With an average of between 30 to 40 events booked each year in the District, they usually bring in two groups to perform for primary and intermediate students and one for middle and secondary.

Kootenay Lake School District Office, 570 Johnstone Rd, Nelson, V1L 6J2
telephone: 2505057046 | fax: 2503526686 | website:

Arrow Lakes (SD10)

School District 10 (Arrow Lakes) is located in B.C.'s West Kootenay region and encompasses a large area from Wauchope Creek in the Monashee Mountain Range north to Trout Lake and south east to Silverton, including all communities in between. District offices are located in Nakusp with schools located in New Denver, Nakusp, Burton, Fauquier and Edgewood. The district is dispersed as over 60% of the 600 students enrolled in the 5 public schools are bussed in from surrounding rural areas.

Booking process: In order to make the performing artists' tours feasible, the arts contact collaborates with the local Arts Council and networks with other districts in the Kootenay Region. After attending the ArtStarts Showcase, the District usually selects up to six artists and groups from the Directory to present two to three performances each in the District schools.

Arrow Lakes School District Office, PO Box 340, Nakusp, V0G 1R0
telephone: 2502653638 | fax: 2502653701 | website:

Revelstoke (SD19)

The community of Revelstoke is found in a mountainous setting situated just off the Trans Canada Highway within the northern regions of the Columbia River basin. School District 19 serves over 1,100 students in its 5 public schools. All of the district schools are located in the City of Revelstoke.

Booking process: The individual schools in the Revelstoke District handle all bookings directly with the artists and groups.

Revelstoke School District Office, PO Bag 5800, Revelstoke, V0E 2S0
telephone: 2508372101 | fax: 2508379335 | website:

Kootenay-Columbia (SD20)

The Kootenay-Columbia School District is located on the slopes of the picturesque Selkirk Mountains, and in the valleys of the Lower Columbia River Basin. The district serves six municipalities and numerous small communities. There are 11 public schools and 1 independent school. Within the public schools there is a population of over 4,000 students.

Booking process: After attending the ArtStarts Showcase, the arts contact consults with local principals and teachers to select three or four artists and groups for the schools. On average, 20 to 30 bookings are made each year and the performances takes place only in the district schools with students from kindergarten through grade seven.

Kootenay-Columbia School District Office, #120 - 1290 Esplanade, Trail, V1R 4T2
telephone: 2503686434 | fax: 2503642470 | website: