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Region: North

Haida Gwaii (SD50)

Renowned for its stunning and unique landscape, Haida Gwaii (aka: Queen Charlotte Islands) can be reached by ferry and air. Getting there requires planning but flights do leave from Vancouver and Prince Rupert regularly with ferries usually leaving every other day. Local airlines also provide service from Prince Rupert to many communities including: Sandspit, Massett and Queen Charlotte City. Given its rugged terrain, Haida Gwaii serves a modest population base with one independent and six public school. The public school population is just over 700 students.

Booking process: The district frequently sends a representative to attend the ArtStarts Showcase and make recommendations to the schools. The district regularly works in concert with other neighbouring districts to make the final selection of 3 to 4 artists and groups who will be booked to present up to 5 events each.

Haida Gwaii School District Office, PO Box 69 [107 Third Ave], Queen Charlotte City, V0T 1S0
telephone: 2505598471 | fax: 2505598849 | website:

Prince Rupert (SD52)

Booking process: Networking with other districts along Highway 16 in the North, the Prince Rupert arts contact uses the ArtStarts Directory and attends the ArtStarts Showcase to selects artists and groups to tour the region. Each year, 5 or 6 groups are selected by the arts contact and together they present up to 25 events in the schools and villages as well as the Lester Centre for the Arts.

Prince Rupert School District Office, 634 Sixth Ave E, Prince Rupert, V8J 1X1
telephone: 2506246717 | fax: 2506246517 | website:

Bulkley Valley (SD54)

Booking process: Using both the ArtStarts Directory and the Showcase, the arts contact selects and books two to three artists or groups for the district each year. They are presented once in each of the Districts' eight public schools.

Bulkley Valley School District Office, PO Box 758 [1235 Montreal Street], Smithers, V0J 2N0
telephone: 2508776825 | fax: 2508776835 | website:

Prince George (SD57)

Booking process: Using material received directly from the artists, along with the ArtStarts Directory and Showcase, the arts committee networks with other districts in the Highway 16 and Northern regions and sends a shortlist or mini-directory of recommendations to all schools in the District. After review, the principals, teachers and parents send their selections to the committee. With approximately 15 artists and groups selected, the District books an average of 90 performances each year. In addition to the school performances, four to five centralized performances are presented at Vanier Hall each year.

Prince George School District Office, 2100 Ferry Ave, Prince George, V2L 4R5
telephone: 2509637060 | fax: 2509637381 | website:

Peace River South (SD59)

Dawson Creek is the largest centre in this district and has a lively arts community featuring the Kiwanis Arts Centre and local galleries. Just over 4,271 students attend 23 public schools in SD 59 near the northern foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The schools are located mainly in the towns of Tumbler Ridge, Dawson Creek, and Chetwynd. Each is about 100 km apart in the northeastern part of the province near the Alberta border. Four independent schools are divided between Dawson Creek and Chetwynd.

Booking process: The District arts contact attends ArtStarts Showcase every few years and uses material received directly from artists, along with the ArtStarts Directory to make their annual selection. The District usually books between 20 and 25 events each year, with one artist or group selected for the secondary schools and two artists for the elementary grades.

Peace River South School District Office, 11600 7th St, Dawson Creek, V1G 4R8
telephone: 2507828571 | fax: 2507823204 | website:

Peace River North (SD60)

The Peace River North School District is located on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in the northern tip of the Canadian Prairies. Schools range in size and number including three two-room rural schools and four kindergarten to secondary grade schools. The major center, Fort St. John, hosts six modern elementary schools, two junior secondary schools, and one large senior secondary school. There are also three elementary schools in the surrounding communities of Taylor, Charlie Lake and Baldonnel. In total, 19 public schools serve a student population of 5,625. The district also hosts four independent schools.

Booking process: The District arts contact uses material received directly from artists along with the ArtStarts Directory and Showcase to select artists and groups for their District. Usually booking between 20 and 30 events each year, they bring four artists into the elementary schools each year.

Peace River North School District Office, 10112-105 Ave, Fort St John, V1J 4S4
telephone: 2502626000 | fax: 2502626048 | website:

Fort Nelson (SD81)

Booking process: The district handles all negotiations directly with the artists and art groups.

Fort Nelson School District Office, Box 87, Fort Nelson, V0C 1R0
telephone: 2507742591 | fax: 2507742598 | website:

Coast Mountains (SD82)

Coast Mountains is a district with 19 public schools operating on a complicated and variable four day school week. The total public school population is over 5,000 and is mainly concentrated in Hazelton and in the two largest centres, Kitimat and Terrace. Nine independent schools are spread throughout the region.

Booking process: The District arts contact networks with the Hwy 16 group to discuss tours for the region. Using the ArtStarts Directory and material received directly from artists (as well as sometimes attending Pacific Contact and the ArtStarts Showcase) the arts contact books 6-10 artists and groups to present up to 60 events each year in District schools and local community venues.

Coast Mountains School District Office, 3211 Kenney St, Terrace, V8G 3E9
telephone: 2506354931 | fax: 2506354287 | website:

Stikine (SD87)

Geographically, Stikine is a very large and remote district covering all of northwestern BC. Although the district is vast it has one of the smallest student enrolments in the province. SD 87 Stikine is made up of four communities: Atlin, located 184 km south-east of Whitehorse on Atlin Lake; Dease Lake, located on Highway 37 at the south end of Dease Lake, 272 km south of Watson Lake, Yukon; Telegraph Creek, located on the Stikine River 119 km west of Dease Lake - accessible by an all-weather gravel road, which requires cautious driving year-round; and the northernmost community of Lower Post, located on the Liard River 20 km southeast of Watson Lake, Yukon, near the Alaska Highway. The four public schools are spread throughout the district with a student population of just over 300. In addition, there are two independent schools located in Iskut and Fort Ware.

Booking process: The Arts Contact works closely with ArtStarts to identify artists willing and able to tour the four schools in the region.

Stikine School District Office, PO Box 190, Dease Lake, V0C 1L0
telephone: 2507714440 | fax: 2507714441 | website:

Nechako Lakes (SD91)

Nechako Lakes lies along Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16) west of Prince George. Over 3,800 students attend 20 public schools, mainly in Burns Lake, Fort St James and Vanderhoof. The majority of the 8 independent schools are located in Vanderhoof.

Booking process: Every year or so, the arts contact for the district attends the ArtStarts Showcase and networks with their Highway 16 colleagues. Together they select their favorite arts groups. The arts contact sets up the schedules, organizes transportation and books the arts groups for the individual schools.

Nechako Lakes School District Office, PO Box 129, Vanderhoof, V0J 3A0
telephone: 2505672291 | fax: 2505672123 | website:

Nisga'a (SD92)

Booking process: After attending the ArtStarts Showcase, the arts contact networks with other districts in the Highway 16 region and selects and books the artists for the schools. Each year they bring 4 - 5 artist and groups into their District presenting an average of 10 performances annually.

Nisga'a School District Office, PO Box 240, New Aiyansh, V0J 1A0
telephone: 2506332228 | fax: 2506332401 | website: