Touring BC Schools

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For more information about BC schools and districts please visit the BC Ministry of Education website.

Region: First Nations, Francophone & Independent Schools

Francophone Education Authority (SD93)

The Francophone Education Authority is BC's newest school district. SD 93 offers educational programs and services in schools, they encourage and develop French language and Francophone cultural identity and serves a student population of more than 3,400 throughout the province.

Booking process: Using ArtStarts Francophone Directory and information received directly from artists and agents, the principals, teachers and PACs make their selections and send in their booking requests. Since the District has schools in every region of the province, they make their selections and bookings independently.

Francophone Education Authority District Office, 180-10200 Shellbridge Way, Richmond, V6X 2W7
telephone: 6042140072 | fax: 6046686561 | website:

First Nations School Association (SDFNSA)

The First Nations Schools Association (FNSA) is committed to promoting First Nations education and improving and supporting the development of quality and culturally appropriate education for First Nations students throughout the province of BC. Currently over 100 schools are members of FNSA and they vary in size, grades and location from the small primary schools in remote communities to secondary schools in larger regions.

Booking process: The majority of First Nations schools select artists to present workshops and residencies for their students. Using information from ArtStarts, material received from touring artists as well as direct contacts within their community and region, First Nations schools select artists to provide a wide range of cultural and artistic experiences for their students.

First Nations School Association (SD Office), #113 - 100 Park Royal South, West Vancouver, V7T 1A2
telephone: 6049256087 | fax: 6049256097 | website:

Independent Schools (SDIND)

The Federation of Independent School Association has a membership of more than 280 private or independent schools with a total enrolment of over 63,252 students. The schools vary considerably in philosophical, religious, and methodological orientation, with the breadth of curricular and extra-curricular offerings also varying, particularly in secondary schools. All Independent schools charge tuition for enrolment. Independent schools in BC choose to become members of the Federation of Independent Schools Association (FISA).

Booking process: Member schools book their events throughout the year using material received directly from the artists as well as the ArtStarts website and artist directory.

Federation of Independent Schools Association, 150 Robson Street, Vancouver, V6B 2A7
telephone: 6046846023 | fax: 6046843163 | website: