Services at a glance

ArtStarts provides a range of services for professional artists who are interested in working with school and family audience programmers throughout BC.

Performing in Schools

Are you a performing or workshopping artist who is interested in touring BC schools? ArtStarts provides a number of services to help you market and tour your school presentation, including an Artists on Tour Directory, a showcase, and a booking and billing service. For more information on how you can work with ArtStarts, check out our guide to Performing in Schools.

Working in Classrooms

Are you a visual, media, literary or performing artist who is interested in working with students on a hands-on arts activity or residency? ArtStarts’ guide to Working in Classrooms provides tips on how to work with teachers and students to create a successful in-class project.

Touring BC Schools Directory

For artists planning to tour BC, this guide to Touring BC Schools offers invaluable information on what’s happening in school districts around the province. Each district profile provides information on the geographical region and the number of schools in the area. It also includes contact information for each district, as well as information on their booking process.

ArtStarts Showcase

The ArtStarts Showcase is a performing arts showcase and conference with a long track record of attendance by teachers, school district representatives, and community programmers from all over BC. The Showcase provides touring artists with a unique opportunity to give young audience presenters a preview of their show for school and family audiences. For more information on how to apply, visit our Performing in Schools page.