Below are some programs and organizations who are working with ArtStarts to advocate for the importance of the arts in schools and communities.

For a list of research papers and studies that investigate the role of arts in education, scroll down or click here.

Advocacy Organizations

A week-long celebration held every year at the end of April, Arts & Culture Week turns the spotlight on the vital contribution that arts and culture make in learning and in life.  Participate by planning and hosting an event or exhibition. Browse some of the events from past years here.

The Arts in Education Council of BC has been a loyal and vocal champion of the arts in education since its inception in 1981. The Council provides information on current events and activities in support of arts in education, and provides resources for advocating the importance of the arts at all levels of the education sytem.

ArtStarts is a member of the Alliance for Arts & Culture, a Vancouver-based organisation who advocates for arts & culture by monitoring public policy, synthesizing issues for its members, and representing the interests of artists. The Alliance also offers an Advocacy Toolkit, which contains tips on how to provide a voice for the arts in your community.

arts advocacy bc

Arts Advocacy BC promotes public awareness and appreciation of the arts by collecting and distributing the stories and arts-related experiences of individual British Columbians. The organization also maintains an advocacy toolkit called Advocacy 101.

Culture Days is a free, interactive celebration of arts and culture from coast to coast to coast. Canadians everywhere participate in thousands of free events that bring creators and the public together to celebrate the creative vitality of our communities.

Research & Studies

A Paradigm Analysis of Arts-Based Research and Implications for Education (PDF - 5 MB)
2010 - Study by National Art Education Association

Art Education Aims in the Age of New Media (PDF - 3 MB)
2009 - Article by Elizabeth M. Delacruz

Art Teachers as Leaders of Authentic Art Integration (PDF - 3 MB)
2009 - Study by National Art Education Association

Cultivating Demand for the Arts (PDF - 1 MB)
2008 - Study commisioned by the Wallace Foundation and undertaken by the Rand Corporation

Walking Tall in the Hall (PDF - 5 MB)
2006 - A Mapping Review of ArtsSmarts Projects in Aboriginal Settings across Canada

Engaged in Learning - The ArtsSmarts Model (PDF - 2 MB)
2006 - Paper from ArtsSmarts

Gifts of Muse (PDF - 740 KB)
2004 - Study commissioned by the Wallace Foundation and conducted by the RAND corporation

Policy Guidelines for Arts Education in Canada (PDF - 135 KB)
2004 - Developed by the National Symposium on Arts Education

The Arts and Education: New Opportunities For Research (PDF - 160 KB)
2004 - Report by the Arts Education Partnership

Acts of Achievement: The Role of Performing Arts Centres in Education (PDF - 6 MB)
2003 - Report from Dana Foundation

Artist Residencies: Evolving Educational Experiences (PDF - 220 KB)
2003 - Essay from Dana Foundation

Creative Connections: An Arts in Education Policy Consultation Paper (PDF - 295 KB)
2003 - Paper from the Western Australia Department of Education and Training and Department of Culture and the Arts

For the Greater Good: A Framework for Advancing State Arts Education Partnerships (PDF - 700 KB)
2003 - Study by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies

Learning Through The Arts (PDF- 640 KB)
2003 - Report to the Royal Conservatory of Musicc

Art, Artists and Teaching (PDF - 83 KB)
2002 - Brief report from a symposium hosted by Bennington College and the J. Paul Getty Trust.

Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development (PDF - 638 KB)
2002 - Report from the Arts Education Partnership

Learning and the Arts: Crossing Boundaries (PDF - 176 KB)
2000 - Study from an invitational meeting for education, arts and youth funders and organized by Geraldine R. Dodge Foundatrion, J.Paul Getty Trust, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts on Learning (PDF - 1 MB)
1999 - Study from the Arts Education Partnership and the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities

Gaining the Arts Advantage (PDF - 1 MB)
1999 - Study by the Arts Education Partnership